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World Menopause Month

Last month our Chair Lindsay Garvey-Jones hosted "Travel Talks Menopause", so for World Menopause Month this month we've highlighted her top tips to supporting someone going through menopause


Menopause is a natural phase of life. Knowing the signs and symptoms of menopause is a good place to start though. And your first step in supporting someone going through menopause may be to notice these symptoms with them — in a supportive way of course.


This may seem like an obvious one but providing an ear for someone is invaluable. Everyone’s experience of menopause can be completely different, making it very personal and sometimes tough to deal with. Giving them space to talk about what they’re going through may also give them the confidence to open up about their experience in different areas of their life, whether at home, at work, or with friends.


Some people going through menopause may feel so out of sorts that they no longer feel like themselves. They may experience changes in their physical appearance or feel exhausted, less confident, or anxious. So, what can you do? Well, next time they make you laugh (and we’re sure it’ll be soon) – say it! Let them know how much you enjoy their company, draw attention to their achievements, and say when they’re looking great. Remind them that they’re still the same person.


If they’re experiencing night sweats (and you share a room), you could do something as simple as getting a glass of water, a fan, or changing the sheets. Staying healthy and avoiding excessive weight gain can also help around menopause. If you don’t live together, a wonderful way to support a friend could be to make a pact to meet up and exercise or start a healthy eating plan together.


Employers have a commitment to make sure all staff are supported. However, employers can only offer support if they know someone is going through menopause. If your loved one hasn’t spoken to their employer, you could help them to plan to do so. Being open with an employer about menopause means they can consider reasonable adjustments. It's Menopause month this month but menopause doesn't stop after October, we need to support our loved ones, friends and colleagues going through it.

FSB are hosting a World Menopause Day – Cognition & Mood: Menopause in the Workplace online event today, if you'd like to join please click here

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