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About Us

The Association of Women Travel Executives (AWTE) is a member organisation that offers networking and professional development opportunities to support the careers of everyone in travel, tourism and hospitality.

Membership is open to those whose business or career is predominantly in travel, whether they’re entrepreneurs or in a corporate role.

The AWTE’s influence stretches across six decades, after it was founded in 1954 at a time when women were beginning to make travel a viable career option. Since then, it has continued to create an environment for the sharing of ideas, debating of trends, and networking with peers, associates and other travel professionals to develop new business.

The AWTE is a not-for-profit organisation run voluntarily by a board of experienced senior advocates in the travel sector. It also runs the AWTE Benevolent Fund, which helps members who are experiencing difficulties in their personal or professional lives.

AWTE runs a programme of professional development seminars and workshops, events for networking and business building and campaigns for improving the status of everyone in business and on the board. 

The Development Programme is a series of hands-on seminars to furnish our members with practical advice, insight and inspiration to help progress their careers. The AWTE delivers An Audience with… relaxed Q&A sessions to give our members insight into a prominent business person to give us more tools and tips to help us in business. We also deliver AWTE Talks Shop… a panel of experts in the field of a particular subject give us up to date business information that we can use in a practical way within our business.

  • Networking Together provides opportunities for members and guests to get together and find out more about each other’s businesses, as well as find potential partners, suppliers and clients.

  • Building business within the membership the AWTE wants to engage all of our members to look for a provider for their needs and wants within the membership so that you can build a more solid relationship by networking with each other and developing together throughout the year.

AWTE 60 at 60 Dinner Attendees

Our History

A thriving association with over sixty years of history

The Association of Women Travel Executives began life as The Women’s Travel Club, and was founded in 1954 by Joan Richardson.

The Board

The AWTE Board is comprised of senior people in the travel sector who are elected annually at the annual general meeting by full members of the Association. The Board meets monthly to review and plan events and activities to maximise the value of AWTE membership.

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We believe everyone should embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Articles & Byelaws

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