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Riviera Travel partners with AWTE to support wellbeing drive

Riviera Travel has partnered with the Association of Women Travel Executives (AWTE) to support its wellbeing drive.

The operator’s head of partnerships, Vicky Billing (pictured), will lead Riviera’s participation alongside people director Laura Harvey and channel director Stuart Milan.

In addition, the operator has also pledged its support of AWTE’s ‘back in time for bed’ initiative (BITFB) which was founded by Billing and Anna Perrott from Panache Cruises.

The scheme aims to help parents who are balancing their career and home life by providing formal advice and acting as a forum for discussion.

Billing said: “Riviera is committed to taking positive steps to support our whole team to better our work-life balance.

“We’re all excited to see this reflected in our AWTE membership and BITFB backing.

“In particular, I want parents to know they’re never alone and we all go through the same experiences. By having that reassurance and support in place outside of the work environment, I know we will all be more productive when we’re in it.”

Phil Hullah, chief executive of Riviera Travel, said: “The wellbeing of each and every team member is a clear priority for us.

“That’s why AWTE and BITFB are so important for us to partner with, and we look forward to drawing on their expertise and know-how to further strengthen our support networks.”

He added: “Huge credit to Vicky for helping create BITFB. It’s a unique initiative for the travel industry and as a working dad myself I absolutely relate to the topics being discussed.

“We can all struggle to juggle, regardless of who we are and what our job role is, which is why we’re all getting behind BITFB.”

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