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The AWTE Benevolent 100 Club Lucky Numbers was set up as a fun way of raising money and helping members in need. It’s easy to get involved – you simply purchase unique numbers at just £10 each.

Each month, the AWTE Benevolent Committee draws a winner. Monthly winners receive £50 and at the AGM the winner receives £200! This could pay your AWTE annual membership for the next two years! The more numbers you purchase, the greater your chance of winning!

You can purchase your number(s) by contacting benevolent@awte.org.uk or talk to one of the Benevolent Committee members in person at an AWTE event.

Your support is really appreciated and if you know of any member that is in need of help, please do tell us, this information will of course be treated with the strictest confidence.

Here are the lucky winners for 2019/20


Aphrodite Burton           May 2019

Lonela Dinu-Mihal          June 2019

Valerie Stone                   July 2019

Caroline Ross                  August 2019

Wendy Owen                  September 2019

Diane Collins                  October 2019

Nina Glass                       November 2019

Stephen Wright              December 2019

Debbie MacKay              January 2020

Laurie Alison                   February 2020

Janet Driver                    March 2020

Ziva Weber                      April2020

Katarina Peck                  May2020

Ian Bates                         June2020

Nina Glass                       July2020  (donated the money back)

Barbara Conroy              August2020

Adam White                    September2020

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