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Meet the Inspiring Women Propping up the UK's Travel Industry

The contribution of pioneering and inspiring female figures during the pandemic will be recognised by the Association of Women Travel Executives [AWTE] on Monday 8th March to mark International Women’s Day 2021.

AWTE work tirelessly all year, every year, to promote and develop the work of women in the travel industry. This #IWD21 is their time to recognize the pioneering leading females in travel, who have inspired the industry and made a difference this past year! Which is why, this year, instead of recognizing globally renowned figures, they’re recognizing the females who are making a powerful transformation right here in the UK!

Hosting a ‘Recognition Breakfast’, to celebrate the women who have been nominated, present the incredible work each have achieved over the past year for the travel industry and beyond, and to discuss and celebrate how important it is to have such empowering and inspiring females around us; not just for our industry but for the recovery of the UK economy as a whole!

The breakfast session is open to all and is free to attend:

The women who have been put forward by the board, for such recognition, are:

* Steph Robins, Head of Sales for Cyplon Holidays, nominated by Lindsay Garvey-Jones, Board Director, for her tireless work contribution to support her agents in rearranging bookings and keeping all operations running smoothly throughout the pandemic.

* Ana Araque, Co-Founder of Imagine Experiences, nominated by Emma-Jane Nutbrown, Board Director, for turning this disastrous year into a positive by launching a new Experience company supporting small travel & tourism organisations and local tour operators.

*Chris Butterfield, roles held President & Vice Chair of WI Surrey, nominated by Jane Pinfold, Board Director, for her role as an ambassador for females to stay active and engaged within their local communities during the pandemic.

*Tracey Blowes, Primary School Teacher, nominated by Claire Osborne, Chair, for her incredible work during the pandemic to create safe stable learning environments for children.

These exceptional women will be celebrated at a ‘Recognition Breakfast’ on Monday 8th March at 8:30am. The event will also discuss and celebrate the important role empowering and inspiring women have to play in the travel industry and the UK’s economic recovery.

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