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AWTE appoints new board and announces new Male Ambassador

The Association of Women Travel Executives (AWTE) UK chapter has held its AGM where the new Board of Directors has been announced for 2022-2023. Lindsay Garvey-Jones, formerly Vice-chair has been appointed as the new Chair, following on from a 3-year tenure by Claire Osborne who stands down from the Board after 5 years. Michelle Laverick will take on the Vice-chair position.

After 10 years on the Board, Aphrodite Burton, Benevolent Director, will be standing down. Aphrodite has been an outstanding support to the Board, and she has bought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the association, as well as her continued support in times of personal crisis to many across the membership. Barbro McAusland will be joining the AWTE Board as the new Benevolent Director.

Gail Kenny will join the Board as Partnerships Director and her wealth of in-depth knowledge and contacts across the travel and hospitality industries will add further depth of expertise to the Board.

Lindsay Garvey Jones, new Chair, and Communications Director of the AWTE says: “I am so thrilled to take on the position of Chair of the AWTE. Claire has been outstanding as our Chair, steering the association during a very challenging last few years though the pandemic. I am really looking forward to taking on this new role because I see so many new opportunities as the travel industry is building back more innovatively than ever before. We’ve recently had an opportunity to step back and look at the changes the association has made since 1964, and we are continuing to look at how we will evolve to support the industry for wider inclusivity, diversity, and equality. For 2022, we already have a host of new opportunities to support our members from a mental health and personal development perspective and we will continue to build on this. Our annual Christmas lunch & awards ceremony is already in the calendar after a fantastic event in December 2021. I’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you all our members, trade partners and trade media for their continued support over the years.”

The new Board of Directors is as follows:

· Chair – Lindsay Garvey-Jones

· Vice-chair – Michelle Laverick

· Secretary & Special Projects Director– Linzi Barber

· Finance Director – Helen Tustin

· Communications Director (s)– Lindsay Garvey-Jones & Emma-Jane Nutbrown

· Events Director(s) –Jane Pinfold & Lynette Dungey

· PR Director – Michelle Laverick

· Membership Director – Lisa Henning

· Website Director - Wendy Missenden

· Partnerships Director - Gail Kenny

· Benevolent Director – Barbro McAusland

For the new Board year, the AWTE are delighted to announce a new Male Ambassador, whose role it will be to listen, learn and embrace the work carried out by the AWTE, as well as offering insight into the industry challenges to overcome. This position of influence can provide the support needed for the implementation of change in businesses looking to offer greater inclusivity, diversity, and equality within their structure.

Phil Gardner, Chief Commercial Officer at Ambassador Cruise Lines, who was the 2019 winner of the AWTE Male Ambassador Award, has been appointed as the new Male Ambassador.

Phil Gardner says “I am delighted to take on this role with AWTE. Now more than ever, diversity and inclusion need to be a way of life rather than a topical slogan and I embrace the opportunity to learn from the experience of AWTE. I have committed to being able to use these learnings in my day-to-day experiences, share them with those around me in the industry, and help create a safe space for all individuals regardless of background. My thanks go to Lindsay, Michelle and AWTE for this fantastic opportunity.

For 2022/23, the Association has decided to maintain the membership fee at £80 per annum for an individual membership and £200 for a company membership.

AGM Report and Full Accounts for 2021/22 Financial year are below for download

AWTE AGM Report 2022
Download PDF • 1.03MB

AWTE UK Limited Full Accounts 2022
Download PDF • 484KB

Founded in 1954, AWTE is a member organisation that provides women in the travel industry with a program of professional development seminars, workshops and events for business improvement and networking. A not-for-profit organization, the AWTE is run voluntarily by a board of experienced women in the travel sector. In addition to individual membership, AWTE offers Company and individual Membership that welcomes male members.

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