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A Pioneering Trailblazer

Our Audience with Kate Halpin, QPM, Detective Chief Superintendent did not disappoint

Nestled into such a beautiful, ambient Garden Room at The Swan at Hyde Park, the candles were lit, Mediterranean sharing boards were shared and we enjoyed a few drinks to toast one our of first “in person” events.

It was wonderful to be supported by many of our guests who were so impacted by Kate’s last audience with us at AWTE back in 2019.

Kate spoke very openly and candidly about the journey into her life and career, how she ended up in Baghdad, Los Angeles and Jordan, using her wide and varied experience to train up women in Iraq to be police officers, some of them whose families didn’t even know as it went against the grain of their culture and had to be kept in total secret to some of Kate’s stories of the more darker, more sinister and malevolent side of her police experience..

Kate has been a pioneer and a trailblazer in her 30+ year career and has made significant changes to policy and process to make it easier for the women who follow in her footsteps. Her journey from Police Constable to Inspector progressing on to be the first woman Borough Commander in Lewisham to achieving her current position as Detective Chief Superintendent, has indeed seen its own discrimination, prejudice and biased opinions and comments but she leaves the Met in a much better state than when she first arrived for the women who want to make a difference to the lives of the public they serve and protect.

We recorded Kates speech so if you're a Member and would like to listen to her story you can watch in our brand new Member Section - just create your login and you'll have access to this and future Member Only information.

Such an EXCLUSIVE for AWTE. Kate genuinely, does not do the public speaking circuit so we feel very fortunate that she was able to deliver to our audience with such authenticity and humour leaving us in awe and feeling enormously inspired!

We have recorded the event and it shall be held on our website in our exclusive members area and can be enjoyed all over again

If you would like to become a member or know of someone who would benefit from becoming a memento of AWTE, then please contact us via our website here

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