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AWTE Benevolent Club 100 Lucky Numbers

The Lucky Numbers are usually sold at our fundraising events, but sadly these events haven’t been able to go ahead this year and so we extended the Lucky Numbers expiry date by an extra six months.

Lucky Number(s) are entered into a monthly draw - giving many chances of winning £50! each month and £200 at the AGM!

If you would like to support us by buying your number(s) again or even buying some numbers for the first time, the new numbers will be valid from October 2020. Winners are notified every month and you can also see the list of winners on Benevolent Club 100 Lucky Numbers web page.

It’s easy to buy your Lucky Number(s) - they cost just £10 each, please email to receive details on how to make a payment for your Lucky Number(s).

You will randomly be allocated your number(s) and notified.

Many thanks for your support.

AWTE Benevolent have been supporting its members for more than 50 years thanks to the generous support of people like you. We are still here during these challenging times and any help we can offer is always treated in the strictest of confidence. I along with my colleagues on the Benevolent Committee are truly grateful for all the financial support we receive to help us to continue our work.

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