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Claire Osborne.jpg


Claire Osborne

The Chair’s role is to co-ordinate the board activities, lead and oversee progress of the Association during her term of office and ensure that the the AWTE continues to be a leading voice within the travel industry. She must have served at least two years on the board prior to her appointment. Ideally she would have served as Vice-Chair and in her fourth serving year become Chair.

Main tasks:

  • arrange board meetings with Secretary.

  • review AWTE finances.

  • present the Association’s strategy to the board.

  • lead the board to fulfil the Association’s strategy.

  • represent AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members.

Jane Pinfold.jpeg

Events Director

Jane Pinfold

The Events Director sources venues, arranges all AWTE events and encourages membership involvement in social, professional development and networking events.



Main tasks:

  • organise social and educational events, and ensure there is a mixture of events to suit the interests of all sectors of the AWTE membership.

  • organise the Christmas Lunch.

  • monitor and record attendance at AWTE events.

  • represent the AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members.


Marketing & Online Director

Wendy Missenden

The Marketing & Online Director is responsible for all aspects of maintaining and updating the website and the ongoing development of the website with the Chair.


Main tasks:

  • be responsible for, plan and develop the AWTE website.

  • liaise with the PR Officer to ensure website works cohesively together.

  • assist Events Director in the marketing and creation of event tickets online

  • represent the AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members.

Helen Tustin.JPG

Finance Director

Helen Tustin

The Finance Director oversees the Association’s accounts, builds a profit and loss for each event, checks bills, pays invoices and advises the board on matters of economy and finance. The financial year runs from 01 February to 31 January and audited reports are prepared for submission at the AGM, which is held in April. As we are registered for VAT the Finance Officer submits the quarterly VAT returns. A Finance Report is provided at each board meeting giving details of the bank balances, payments made and received during the month and any other finance matters so that all board members are up to date with the finances of the Association. Main tasks:

  • appraise board members monthly of the financial situation of AWTE.

  • liaise with the bookkeeper frequently to review profit and loss.

  • communicate financial matters to the Chair.

  • deliver the Finance Report to the membership at the AGM.

Lisa Henning.jpg

Projects & Partnerships Director

Lisa Henning

Main tasks:

  • assist the Chair and/or board as required

  • fulfill specific projects

  • be the main liaison person with other Associations

  • enhance the relationship with CEWE at the UEL

  • represent the AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members

Aphrodite Burton.jpg

Benevolent Director

Aphrodite Burton

The Benevolent was founded in memory of Gillyan Shebbeare, one of our members, who died of cancer. Our purpose is to listen, assist and support members in the short or long term, who find themselves in difficult circumstances. The Benevolent raises money by two major schemes:

a prize draw to which members are invited to contribute and which pays out monthly to winners.

fund-raising activities and contributions.

Lindsey Garvey-Jones.png

Lindsay Garvey-Jones

Vice Chair & Communications Director

The Vice-Chair’s role is support and deputise for the Chair during her term of office and shadow the chair in readiness for her own term of office. She will have served two years on the board before being appointed Vice-Chair. She automatically takes over as Chair (except in exceptional circumstances).


Main tasks:

  • support the Chair in her role.

  • coordinate board meetings with the Chair and Secretary.

  • represent the AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members.

The Communications Director is responsible for all  email and social media communications to membership.


Main tasks:

  • be responsible for email communications with the membership.

  • update email and offline mailing lists.

  • liaise with the PR Officer to ensure news and social media work cohesively together.

  • represent the AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members.

Linzi Photo (1).jpg

Linzi Barber


The secretary is responsible for assisting all board members in specific areas/projects throughout the year and will be an active part of the decision making, ideas process. This is not just an admin role, but a fully registered board directors role. 

Main tasks:

  • Board Meeting agendas and full minutes reporting.

  • venue finding for Board Meetings and agree all Board Meeting dates and times for the 12 month period.

  • provision of all Board minutes to the Chair for the AGM

  • arrange the AGM and all relevant documents

  • assist all Board members where necessary

  • represent the AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members.


Michelle Laverick

Public Relations Director

The Public Relations Director role is to liaise with the travel industry and relevant press to be a voice for AWTE and women in travel. Generating media interest and opportunities.

Main tasks:

  • issues relevant press releases supporting AWTE events.

  • build and maintain a positive public image for AWTE

  • Respond to requests for information from the media or designating a spokesperson or source of information. 

  • represent the AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members.

Emma-Jane TTT.png

Emma-Jane Nutbrown

Membership Director

The Membership Director encourages new member subscriptions for the Association, responds to all enquiries about membership, processes all new applications and maintains the Association’s membership records.


Main tasks:

  • maintain the membership database.

  • approve membership applications against agreed criteria.

  • pass any contentious or unclear applications to the board for decision.

  • liaise with the bookkeeper to ensure payment received for new members.

  • liaise with the board for survey and direct membership communications with existing and potential members.

  • represent the AWTE at industry events and actively recruit new members.

  • actively encourage AWTE membership and conduct targeted membership drives.