The awte promotes and develops the careers of women in the travel industry

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Professional Development


The AWTE’s professional development programme equips you with the skills, attitudes and behaviours to be more successful, focused and resilient in your travel career.

Recognising that you may be running your own business or climbing the ladder within a corporate environment, the AWTE’s courses, seminars and workshops are hands-on and practical, and help you become more effective personally and professionally.

Our series of sessions does not lead to certification – there are plenty of professional courses that do this already – but they easily run alongside any certified courses you are taking. Our programme is designed to complement, inspire and enhance your performance, helping you to aspire to and achieve senior and board-level positions.

Seminars and workshops with leaders in their field give you the opportunity to learn first hand about a range of relevant topics, ask questions, and meet and network with other senior women executives.

These seminars are open to all AWTE members and only take up a morning or an early evening, so you won’t have to take huge amounts of time out of the office.

Check out the Events pages for details of forthcoming professional development sessions. We run several throughout the year and they are flexible, so you can select the ones most meaningful to you – and we’re always open to introducing new topics that you would like us to cover.

Professional development with the AWTE is hugely valuable to your career. All you’ve got to do is join!