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Jenny Kovacs – Perfect Your Presentations



We are currently working with the incredible Jenny Kovacs to create a set of development sessions for AWTE members & supporters. Jenny shows busy professionals in great businesses how to be visible while making a difference and standing out to those who are looking to raise their profile.

The creator of The Visibility VIBES™ system, a tried and tested method that helps businesses, organisations and employees to promote their strengths through the way they stand out to the people around them, gaining them the recognition they desire.

Session description:

For some the fear of public speaking is worse than the fear of death!

In today’s busy world the real question is, “how do you ensure you’re heard above the noise?”  For many busy professionals, especially as a senior voice in travel, you want to convey confidence, information, and gravitas.

Whether it’s in a meeting, at a company presentation or in the boardroom, presentations are an important way to raise your professional profile, organisation wide and have the company brand be visible.

CEO’s, Executives, Senior Management Teams and High Performing People you’re great at what they do but want to increase your effectiveness and credibility being highly visible organisation wide then this session is for you.

During this session, you’ll learn;

  • What makes you noticeable and stand out
  • Non verbal ways to add an impact
  • How to create an engaging presentation which has you heard
  • A.C.E. your audience and why
  • Ways to be influential when you speak & present

Jenny Kovacs interactive workshop style session will add immediate notches to your presentations belt!

This is a breakfast session starting at 0830 and running until 1100.

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September 25, 2018

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The Tower Room, London & Partners Office, 2 More London Riverside



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