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Special Message from your Chair, Claire Osborne

Dear members and supporters,

As you will remember, back in April we suspended AWTE activity due to the situation with lockdown, including postponing our AGM until such time this would be deemed possible.

We were also required to cancel a number of our key events, including networking events, our Annual Summer Lunch in aid of the Benevolent and the Summer BBQ.

As we begin to emerge from lockdown, we find our industry much changed and facing unprecedented challenges which will put a strain on member’s finances and budgets for the coming year.

For this reason, the board decided at our recent meeting to suspend membership for the year to April 2021. This is not the right time to ask our members for financial investment (albeit not a large amount) when many of the benefits of memberships can not be delivered in full. Anyone with membership for the 2019/2020 year will roll over into the current year without charge.

We are hoping to re-instate the AGM later in the year and will do that online if the guidance dictates and until that time, we will operate with our current board (see below).

The board have also taken the very difficult decision to postpone our Legendary Christmas Lunch, as it feels inappropriate to ask our members and supporters for financial support at this time. We will continue to support the chosen charity Breast Cancer Haven ( and will roll that over into 2021.

We recognise, as we emerge from lockdown that our members needs are changing and we’d love to hear from you, as we shape the Organisation for the future.

We’ll be sending a survey via our Friday Round Up email soon and it would be great to hear your views. If you prefer, I’d be happy to hear from you directly by emailing

I sincerely hope that everyone has been staying safe during these strange and difficult times and would like to remind you all that if you are struggling in any way our Benevolent committee are here to offer support.

With my very best regards to you all,

Claire Osborne

Chair, AWTE

Current Board:

Claire Osborne, Chair & Finance

Michelle Laverick, Vice-chair & PR

Lindsay-Garvey Jones, Communications

Wendy Missenden, Web and Communications

Jane Pinfold, Events

Lisa Henning, Partnerships

Aphrodite Burton, Benevolent

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