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Help us to gain a better understanding of women’s status in management and executive roles by undertaking our questionnaire!  Take our survey before 14th October.


Building on the research published in March of this year, the AWTE has commissioned a further research conducted by the University of East London.   The purpose of this questionnaire is to contribute to the annual AWTE research analysing the status of women within management and executive roles in the UK travel and tourism sector.

By undertaking this questionnaire, you will be helping to provide a better understanding of women’s status in management and executive roles within your industry and contributing towards giving a clearer understanding of the factors that influence women’s progression in the tourism industry.

Please note that your participation in this research is voluntary and that you are free to withdraw at any time. However, if you do wish to participate, this questionnaire should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Findings from this research will be available in report format by the AWTE, and to ensure that the information you provide is subject to confidentiality law, you will not be identifiable in any such reports.

If you have any concerns raised from this questionnaire, please visit the employers network for equality and inclusion’ (enei) at or email

This questionnaire should take you approximately 20 minutes.

Take the survey now!!  You have until 14th October to take the survey and give us your views.  Thank you for your time in completing the questionnaire: your participation is appreciated.


Andrew Wright
Published by Andrew Wright