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Case Studies

Karen Ramirez/Boardroom Ready

As managing director for my own company, Lingua Communications, I wanted to ensure I was fulfilling my role, and to establish whether I might want to put myself forward for a board position in another company.

The two key learning points for me were about politics and power.

  • I am not a political person! I have never been interested in the political wranglings of a company and, having worked in both an international institution and a large private sector bank, I felt that politics were rife and often a huge barrier to progress. However, Boardroom Ready helped me realise the value of the conversations that take place in advance of an offical board meeting, sounding out your colleagues and “getting the deal done” so that the board meeting itself is effectively a rubber stamping of the decision. The pre-work is more important in many ways than the board meeting itself. Will I ever be political? Probably not – I just want to see a good job get done, but maybe now I go about it slightly differently.
  • The saying that knowledge is power is so true. I can now go into board meetings feeling secure in my role and knowing what I should – and just as importantly, shouldn’t – get involved in. I have also been instrumental in helping others understand how a board meeting should be run when they have joined a board with little or no expertise.

Prior to participating in Boardroom Ready, I was and still am managing director of my own company, but I have also been a director and Chair of AWTE, and am a trustee of a charity. Boardroom Ready has enhanced my contribution to all these roles.