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Benevolent Fund By Laws


Adopted  at the AWTE UK Limited (the Association)  Annual General Meeting held on 26  April 2017

AWTE Benevolent

(Founded in memory of Gillyan Shebbeare)

  1. Bye-Laws

The name of the Fund shall be ‘The Association of Women Travel Executives UK Benevolent Fund’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Fund’).

  1. Objectives

The objectives of the Fund shall be the raising of monies for the purposes of giving assistance, both in gifts and financial, in cases of need and/or comfort, and in celebration in a nominal amount to members or immediate dependent relatives, in all categories of the AWTE UK.

  1. Administration


  1. The Fund shall be administered by four Trustees and three Officers all of whom are members of the Association.


  1. Trustees are not subject to re-election each year but if a Trustee resigns the Fund Committee shall nominate a successor for the approval of the Board of AWTE UK Ltd.


  1. The Officers shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, all of whom retire annually but may offer themselves each year for re-election by the Board of AWTE UK Ltd. at their Annual General Meeting.


  1. Committee


  1. The Benevolent Committee shall consist of three Officers and four Trustees.


  1. One member of this Committee may attend Board Meetings in order to liaise with the Board of the Association for the benefit of all members.


  1. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt other members of the Association as and when necessary.


  1. Decisions shall be taken by a majority vote of the Committee. In case of equality of votes the person presiding at any meeting shall have a casting vote.


  1. A quorum will consist of four persons, one of whom must be the Chairman or Secretary.


  1. The Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Association may attend Committee meetings ex-officio. She shall be bound by the Benevolent Fund Rule of Confidentiality. The Board of the Association shall be kept informed of the Fund’s work in general terms by the Committee member mentioned in para. 4.b.



  1. Report

The Committee shall submit a Report and Audited Accounts to the AGM each year.


  1. Income

All monies received shall be paid to the credit of the Fund at a recognised Bank.

  1. Expenses

The expenses of administration of the Fund shall be paid by the Association and no portion of any subscription, donation or bequest shall be utilised for the purpose of administrative expenses.

  1. Payments


  1. The anonymity of the person being assisted shall always be maintained. All transactions shall be confidential and neither the Trustees nor the Officers shall be required to identify the recipients of any sum, either in their Annual Accounts or to the Board. Payments shall not be subject to the approval of the Board.
  2. Payments may be made as:
  1. Absolute gift
  2. in the form of gift vouchers
  • Loan – with or without interest, as the Committee may decide
  1. All payments from the Fund shall be made by cheque, electronic bank transfer or in the form of gift vouchers.
  2. All cheques and BACS payments must be signed by two of the four Trustees.
  3. Loans for business purposes will not be authorised by the Committee .


  1. Raising of Funds


  1. The Committee shall be responsible for the raising of funds and for the wise investment of capital.


  1. They shall be able to call on the Board for financial help if necessary. The Treasurer of the Fund shall have the responsibility for the receipt of contributions and their subsequent deposit in a recognised Bank.


  1. Winding Up

In the event of the winding up of the Fund, the Board of the Association shall determine the disposal of the monies remaining in the Fund.


  1. Alterations to the Bye-Laws

The bye-laws set out in this document are capable of amendment by the Board of Directors of AWTE UK Limited  at a board meeting of AWTE UK Limited at which there are no less than 6 directors in attendance and of those attending no less than 66% vote in favour of such changes.

  1. Disputes

In the event of dispute arising between the Committee and any subscriber or donor to the Fund or any applicant for help, it shall be referred to the Board for arbitration, provided always that if the Board or a member thereof is a party to the dispute some independent person shall be appointed as arbitrator.